IHK Swabia and LUSINI have teamed up to support future professionals in the hospitality industry

IHK Swabia and LUSINI have teamed up to support future professionals in the hospitality industry, marking an investment in the educational infrastructure with the presentation of 30 chef’s jackets to the Ludwig-Bölkow-Schule, a state vocational school in Donauwörth.

These jackets, part of the “Cooking Jackets for the Next Generation of Chefs” initiative, are designed to aid students who began their hospitality training in September, offering them a professional start in the industry. This collaboration is a targeted effort to nurture young talent in the hospitality sector. LUSINI, a company with roots in Donauwörth and now situated in Wertingen, provided these jackets from its JOBELINE brand to equip the new trainees.

Dr. Christian Fischer from the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce stressed the vital role of education as a cornerstone for the future, especially in the hospitality industry. He highlighted the importance of properly equipping young professionals, noting that partnerships like the one with LUSINI are instrumental in making a tangible difference for upcoming restaurateurs by uniting the business and educational spheres.

Tobias Steinbacher, representing the LUSINI Group, regards the provision of chef’s jackets as more than just a simple handover it’s seen as laying the groundwork for successful careers in gastronomy. He underlined that LUSINI’s vision transcends mere products, focusing instead on fostering genuine relationships, cultivating talent, and ensuring that emerging restaurateurs receive the support they need.

At the Donauwörth vocational school, culinary arts are taught and practiced with a deep appreciation for the cultural and artistic aspects of cooking. The school’s curriculum is designed to immerse trainees in both traditional and modern gastronomic practices. Nadine Bach, Head of Gastronomy at the school, acknowledged the significance of the support from IHK Swabia and LUSINI, appreciating how it validates the training provided and signifies to students that their ambitions are recognized and valued. This initiative exemplifies how industry support can enhance educational experiences, ensuring that students receive both acknowledgment and the tools necessary for their professional journey.

From left to right: Christian Fischer (IHK Schwaben), Tobias Steinbacher (LUSINI Group), Nadine Bach and Gerhard Kilian (both from the Donauwörth state vocational school), in the background students from the first year of their apprenticeship.