Become part of the LUSINI partner program

The LUSINI Marketplace is the first choice for the hotel and catering industry in Europe – and we are pleased to have you as a strategic partner! Let our attractive overall package convince you. With our Marketplace, as a partner you not only gain access to our customers and website visitors, but also benefit from the expertise of our e-commerce and field sales teams. Together we offer the catering and hotel industry an even larger selection of high-quality products and strong brands. Rely on the most modern marketplace solution with the LUSINI Marketplace – our platform offers a wide range of options and facilitates both automated connections and manual operation via a web browser. Our experts accompany you through the entire process, from integrating data to establishing efficient processes to optimize your sales success in our one-stop shop.


  • Access to the target group: LUSINI is one of the leading suppliers in Europe for the hotel and catering industry. As a partner, you gain access to a highly qualified and relevant target group looking for products and services in this area.
  • Increased visibility: A presence on the LUSINI marketplace offers you as a partner significantly greater visibility for your products – and thus an increase in your brand awareness.
    Trustworthy environment: LUSINI stands for quality and reliability. Strengthen customer trust in your brand and products by partnering with us.
  • Marketing Support: Use our marketing support in the form of promotional materials, social media promotion and other marketing activities to increase your visibility as a partner.
    Industry Knowledge: Our close relationships with customers and industry knowledge are invaluable. By working with us, you will gain insights into the latest trends and developments in the hotel and catering industry.
  • Support and resources: Training, support and advice – we help you get the most out of our marketplace.
  • Easy market entry: Are you a new provider or do you want to enter new markets? Participation in the LUSINI Marketplace helps you to enter the market easier as you are immediately present in a relevant environment.
  • Customer service & field service: We are committed to the success of your brand. Our dedicated and experienced sales team not only understands the strengths and uniqueness of your brand, but is also passionate about bringing it to the forefront.
  • At LUSINI we are proud to be not only a marketplace for hotel and catering products, but also a reliable partner for our suppliers.

We know that every partner is unique. That’s why we offer personal support tailored to your specific goals and needs. We are only satisfied when your products are smoothly integrated into our system. Our experienced employees will accompany you throughout the entire connection process and ensure that you can get the full benefit of our platform right from the start. We believe our partnership is not only mutually beneficial, but also based on trust, commitment and long-term success. Let’s achieve great things together!
Stefan Heuberger (Head of Marketplace) and our marketplace team will be happy to answer your questions – just write to us at!