Enhancing Culinary Education through Partnership

The IHK Schwaben and LUSINI Group have collaborated to enhance culinary education, generously donating 205 chef jackets to first-year apprentices at Vocational School Centre Immenstadt vocational school. On 16 November, the ‘Chef Jackets for the Next Generation of Chefs’ initiative equipped these apprentices with JOBELINE chef jackets, aiding their initial steps in the culinary field.

To support education in the gastronomy sector, IHK Swabia and LUSINI have initiated the ‘Chef Jackets for the Next Generation of Chefs’ programme. This joint effort by IHK Swabia and LUSINI is centred on supporting students who began their culinary studies in September 2023. On 16 November, Dr. Christian Fischer, Head of Training at IHK Swabia, and Anita Kühn, Product Marketing Manager at LUSINI, presented these professional chef jackets at Vocational School Centre Immenstadt,

marking a significant contribution to the development of future gastronomy professionals. Dr. Christian Fischer emphasised the vital role of educational collaboration in gastronomy: ‘Education is the cornerstone of our future success, especially in the culinary arts. It’s imperative to provide the best support to our emerging talents. This cooperation with LUSINI illustrates how the synergy between industry and education can immensely benefit the next generation of culinary experts.’ Anita Kühn underscored the importance of proper equipment and support in culinary training, stating, ‘A strong foundation in gastronomy begins with the right tools and backing. At LUSINI, we focus not just on products but on fostering relationships and nurturing talents, to optimally prepare the upcoming generation in this sector.’

For the Vocational School Centre Immenstadt, represented by Manfred Ecker and Alexander Kees (Heads of Gastronomy and Gastronomy Practice), such support is particularly valuable: ‘This initiative signifies to our students that their gastronomy ambitions are taken seriously and supported. It affirms the high standard and relevance of the training we offer. We’re thankful for partnerships that enable us to train the gastronomes of tomorrow,’ expressed Manfred Ecker.

In the photograph, from left to right, are Manuel Diemar (LUSINI Group), Christian Fischer, Anita Kühn, Alexander Kees, and Manfred Ecker, surrounded by the first-year students.