New Form of Trainings

The new products come in, hundreds of colleagues are supposed to get to know them, but due to Corona restrictions we can’t get together. So what to do?

Necessity is the mother of invention: for the first time in LUSINI’s history, the new product training was held as a live stream event!

In addition to the complete conceptualisation of such a three-day event, it required the construction of a film-ready backdrop, sophisticated streaming technology, tension-generating camera work and well thought-out livestreaming inserts. Not to forget: Moderation and co-hosting and the product managers, who proudly presented their innovations in a famously passionate manner, ready for television. Everything could be managed with our own staff.

Up to 120 colleagues from all over Europe were involved. The result is a highly trained sales team across Europe that can continue to inspire our customers with trendy, innovative and beautiful new products in 2022 – and all this in a climate-neutral way without any travel expenses.

What was born out of necessity has thus become a groundbreaking, perfectly organised format that we would not want to miss from now on.