LUSINI donates new furniture for the Wertingen youth center

The youth center in Wertingen has now received valuable support from LUSINI, the leading restaurant and hotel outfitter in the region. LUSINI donated over 60 new pieces of furniture to the youth center, including tables, armchairs, sofas and chairs, to support the youth work of the city of Wertingen.

The youth center in Wertingen is an important contact point for young people from the region and offers them a variety of activities and campaigns. As early as 2012, LUSINI (then known as the EM Group) contributed to the opening of the youth center by donating high-quality furniture from the VEGA brand. This furniture has served the youth center and its young people very well over the years, but it was now in need of renewal. There was great joy when LUSINI again promised its support and made it possible to replace the old furniture with new ones. The more than 60 new pieces of furniture, including tables, chairs, two-seaters and armchairs, were immediately popular with the young people.

Numerous guests attended the official handover, including Wertingen’s mayor, Willy Lehmeier, and the head of the youth center, Tobias Kolb. The donation is considered particularly valuable as it makes a significant contribution to strengthening youth work in Wertingen. “The youth center in Wertingen offers children and young people a place to play, learn and relax. The donation from LUSINI helps ensure that the facility remains a pleasant and attractive place for young visitors. And with this generous support we have as a city we now have more opportunities to support further youth projects and to support young people in their development,” stressed Mayor Lehmeier.

With the renewed support, the Wertingen company would like to make a positive contribution to the promotion of young people and to strengthening the sense of community on site. At the official handover of the furniture, Boris Steinhagen, CEO of LUSINI, explained how important strong social commitment is for LUSINI. “Children are an affair of the heart for us and an indispensable part of our society. We enjoy getting involved with them. With our donation, we would like to make a contribution to ensuring that the youth center in Wertingen continues to be a place where young people feel comfortable and develop can.”

The new furniture was enthusiastically received by the young visitors to the youth center and is already being used extensively in the premises. The donation from LUSINI ensures that the youth center in Wertingen will continue to be a place of encounter, creativity and personal development for young people.

Caption & Credit:
in the picture from left to right: Wertingen’s mayor Willy Lehmeier, Ruth Lorenz and Boris Steinhagen (LUSINI) and Tobias Kolb (head of the Wertingen youth center) are happy to inaugurate the new furniture in the Wertingen youth center, © LUSINI