LUSINI at ’Chef of the Year’

As the proud sponsor of the prestigious ‘Chef of the Year’ competition, LUSINI, through its brand JOBELINE, once again equipped the participating top chefs with high-quality culinary apparel in 2023.

It was a feast for the senses and a triumph of culinary art: On November 13th, the finale of the renowned ‘Chef of the Year’ competition took place in the splendid setting of the Kameha Grand in Bonn. As the proud sponsor of this glittering event, LUSINI is delighted to play a leading role in promoting culinary excellence and innovation. With our brand JOBELINE, we supported the talented chefs who demonstrated their skills in this intense live competition.

The event attracted over a thousand professional visitors from the gastronomy sector, complemented by celebrities, media representatives, and television teams. The spotlight was on five finalists and one female finalist, who competed in an exciting battle for the title of ‘Chef of the Year’. The highlights included the impressive menus prepared in just five hours – a real challenge that required creativity, skill, and precision.

Special attention is due to the winner of the competition, Miguel Marques from Alois** in Munich. With his extraordinary creation, he delighted the international top jury, which included luminaries such as Juan Amador, Oriol Castro, and honorary jury member Tim Mälzer.

For LUSINI, supporting ‘Chef of the Year’ is more than just sponsorship. It is a commitment to excellence, innovation, and nurturing new talent in gastronomy. Our brand JOBELINE stands for quality and tradition, and we are proud to have been part of this inspiring event from the beginning. We congratulate all participants on their outstanding achievements and look forward to further collaboration with the gastronomy industry to shape the future of culinary arts.