Shaping the Future Together: The LUSINI Suppliers Days

The LUSINI Suppliers Days held in Shanghai and Delhi in October and November were a significant event for both LUSINI and our suppliers. These gatherings provided an ideal platform to express recognition and gratitude while simultaneously strengthening our future collaboration.

In October and November, we convened with our strategically most important suppliers in Shanghai and Delhi. Conducted for the first time in this format, the event served as a forum for exchange and cooperation, allowing us to personally engage and interact after more than three years. Our priority is to continuously inform our suppliers about the development of LUSINI and our long-term strategic direction.

The dedicated preparation by our teams in Wertingen, Delhi, and Shanghai ensured a diverse program, ranging from motivational speeches to impressive videos and professional presentations. The meticulous planning and execution guaranteed a smooth process, as confirmed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our suppliers. They expressed great delight in the invitation and were impressed by the appreciation and sense of community fostered. Comments like “You are my customer number one” underscored the strength and significance of our partnerships.

The Suppliers Day highlighted the central importance of our suppliers in LUSINI’s business model. Their commitment is crucial for the quality and reliability of our products. The event not only served to recognize their outstanding achievements but also laid the groundwork for continuous and successful collaboration in the years to come.