Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations! After two and three years respectively, the eight trainees and one dual student have successfully completed their training at the E.M. Group. Together with the two board members Boris Steinhagen (CEO) and Tobias Steinbacher (CFO) as well as friends and family members, this was duly celebrated on 28 July at Neuhof am See. As one of the largest training companies in the Wertingen area, we are all the more pleased that seven of the graduates will continue to work for us in the future and remain part of our team.

In the picture from left to right. : Boris Steinhagen (CEO), Tobias Steinbacher (CFO), Celina Köchl (commercial clerk office management), Niklas Straßer (IT specialist system integration), Julia Block (commercial clerk office management), Kevin Hofman (IT specialist system integration), Rebecca Skupsch (retail sales), Anna Winkler (wholesale and foreign trade sales), Melina Graf (e-commerce sales), Luca Zwerger (dual study programme digital media), Corinna Zott (wholesale and foreign trade sales), Kathrin Freudenberg (HR).