The "Futureshop" is live

After about 18 months of preparation, LUSINI’s new shop system went live in autumn. The internal working title “Futureshop” does not promise too much: with a new approach to shop development, the focus was on the greatest possible flexibility in the eCommerce sector. Through the microservice architecture and the API-first approach, individual, high-performance functionalities specialised in one function are used decoupled from each other and linked via standardised interfaces. The cumbersomeness of a large system and the complexity are thus reduced and the future speed of further development increases. This creates not only stability and performance, but also future security.

The customer feels this in that in future it will be possible to respond very quickly to customer needs, to the customer’s search behaviour and to his or her wishes.

Equally future-proof and valuable was the sensationally dynamic cooperation between many areas. The customer’s needs and the actual added value for the customer were the central basis in the project. Those needs were always reconciled with the ideas and requirements of colleagues in the company as well as with the scarce developer resources and very dynamically brought to the goal with the agile OKR methodology. The enthusiasm of the web developers for the technology coupled with the passion for the customer and the product throughout the company has not only resulted in a shop with a promising future, but has also allowed the company to grow together on another wonderful path.