The best place to work? The one I choose.

While with the Corona loosenings many companies are bringing their employees back into the office, office workers at EM Group can still decide for themselves from where and at what times they want to work. “The EMG Way of Working has come to stay,” says CFO Tobias Steinbacher, who took this step together with his management colleagues in May 2021. There is no fear of working less at home. “Quite the opposite. We have the feeling that we can all absolutely rely on each other and have complete trust here. Often it is even the case that work is done much more productively at home, a better work-life balance is achievable and the environment is protected because there are less or no car journeys. As a company, we have the advantage that we are no longer regionally bound when looking for applicants. Someone can live in Düsseldorf or Paris and work for our company here in Wertingen”. Steinbacher draws a positive balance after just under a year o EMG Way of Working. Despite this, or perhaps precisely because of it, they are all the more pleased that the joint company summer party can take place again this year.