New Work at EM Group

The need for change in companies is greater today than ever before Leadership, management and personnel development must therefore be changed in such a way that management defines the strategic guidelines, creates goals in dialogue and the employees define the path to the goal for themselves and in the team. The basis for this has been lived in the EM Group for a long time: flat hierarchies, flexibility, digitalisation, the highest possible transparency and employee co-determination have been part of our everyday work for some time. This was just one step towards the new “EMG way of working”:

WORK ANYWHERE – WORK ANYTIME – WORK DIGITAL – WORK OUTCOMEBASED – TRAVEL LESS. These are the five maxims that now apply in the EM Group. A revolutionary and groundbreaking step that was enthusiastically received by the employees.

The advantages are obvious:

More personal freedom of decision, more opportunities to help shape the company and a better work-life balance for the employees. Less CO² emissions due to reduced driving, both when travelling and on the daily commute. Last but not least, our customers will feel it when we are there for them with even more passion and interesting solutions.

And that was just the first step in the direction of New Work.