Werte - Leidenschaft
for our products and customers is what drives us.
Werte - Respekt
Respect -
treating one other with respect is fundamental.
Werte - Vertrauen
Trust -
we fulfil our promises.
Werte - Dynamik
Dynamics -
we inspire our customers and exceed expectations.
Werte - Gemeinschaftsgeist
Team spirit -
all together in the same direction.
Werte - Offenheit
Openness -
open and honest at all times.

LUSINI - because values counts

Our corporate values ​​are the foundation of our success and our cooperation. RESPONSIBILITY, PASSION and DYNAMICS are the values ​​that ensure our growth and new solutions. OPENNESS and TEAM SPIRIT ensure life and work at the company group are enjoyable. RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY are the most crucial foundation.
  • 1. Passion

    Passion for our products, our customers, our business model and constant further development drive us forward. Our actions are geared to success and improving performance, as well as the daily joy of new challenges.
  • 2. Dynamics

    We quickly recognize opportunities and risks, evaluate them and continuously create added value for the future. Through pioneering and innovative, creative thinking as well as flexibility, we inspire colleagues and customers and exceed their expectations.
  • 3. Team spirit

    We all work together, working in one direction. Specialization, division of labour and diversity are essential factors for our successful cooperation. We work together with people who like people.
  • 4. Openness

    We deal openly and honestly with each other. We enter into dialogue with our conversation / discussion partners without reservations and prejudices. A transparent and timely feedback is part of our corporate culture.
  • 5. Respect

    Mutual appreciation and honesty are prerequisites for a respectful interaction with each other. We adapt to other mentalities and cultures. We are tough on issues, but easy on people, so as not to hurt others` feelings.
  • 6. Trust

    Trust grows when we keep our promises to our superiors, colleagues, employees, customers and business partners. We acquire this trust through the consistency of our values ​​and achievements.
  • 7. Responsibility

    We make decisions and take responsibility. We define goals clearly and carefully. Our approach is simple, systematic and cost-effective. All employees actively and responsibly contribute to decision-making.