Anniversary Celebration of the LUSINI Group: A Night of Recognition and Community

The anniversary celebration of the LUSINI Group at Neuhof by the Lake had the atmosphere of a large family gathering, where colleagues were celebrated for their 10, 25, and 40 years of loyalty to the company. Music, laughter, and shared memories turned the evening into a special moment of unity and recognition within the LUSINI family.

At the end of October, a very special celebration took place within the warm-hearted community of the LUSINI family. It was an evening dedicated to honoring the long-standing connection and loyalty of our employees, with special recognition for 39 jubilarians marking their 10, 25, and in one outstanding case, 40 years with the company.

The festive setting at Neuhof by the Lake felt more like a large family gathering than a formal corporate event. The jazz trio “Papa Lipp” provided musical sounds that created a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for indulging in memories, sharing stories, and laughing together.

An emotional highlight of the evening was the premiere of the new LUSINI film, reflecting the connection and history of our company. But undoubtedly, the greatest highlight was the honoring of Heike Schmolke, who looks back on an impressive 40-year career with us. In a heartfelt speech, Mrs. Müller, together with the company’s management, acknowledged Ms. Schmolke’s exceptional contribution and their shared beginnings.

This anniversary celebration underscored what makes the LUSINI Group special: a sense of belonging, deep appreciation for each individual, and an unshakable sense of community. It was an evening that not only recognized the loyalty of our employees but also celebrated the familial essence of our company.