Youth championship: LUSINI strengthens NRW’s young catering talent

LUSINI equipped the team from North Rhine-Westphalia at the 41st German Youth Championships in the Hospitality Industry, which achieved an impressive 6th place.

LUSINI, a renowned company in the hospitality equipment sector, is proud to have supported the talented participants from North Rhine-Westphalia in the 41st German Youth Championships in the hospitality industry. These championships, held on 28 and 29 October 2023 in Königswinter, marked a significant event for the industry’s emerging talent following a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the North Rhine-Westphalia team achieved an impressive 6th place, enhancing their position to 4th place in the all-time championship rankings.

A special highlight was the support of LUSINI for the North Rhine-Westphalia participants. We had the privilege of equipping chef Lukas Schultes, hotel specialist Pia Ruschke, and restaurant expert Maja Schweitzer with professional equipment and accessories. Their achievements – Pia Ruschke securing 5th place in the hotel sector, Maja Schweitzer 8th in the restaurant sector, and Lukas Schultes also 8th in the cooking competition – affirm our mission to optimally support the next generation in the hospitality industry.

The youth championships serve as a showcase of excellence and commitment from the next generation of professionals in the hospitality sector. LUSINI is proud to have been part of this inspiring event and extends congratulations to all participants, especially the team from North Rhine-Westphalia, for their outstanding performances. We look forward to continuing to play a role in the development and promotion of emerging talent in the industry.

In the picture: Hotel specialist Pia Ruschke from the Maritim Hotel, Bonn (right) Restaurant specialist Maja Schweitzer from the Hotel Excelsior Ernst, Cologne (left) and chef Lukas Schultes from Schloss Bensberg, Bergisch Gladbach